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Il progetto Lou Dematteis. A Journey Back/Un viaggio di ritorno (fotografie in Italia 1972-1980) is the result of a long work that began at the end of 2018 and is finally about to see the light of day thanks to the shared effort of so many people and non-profit entities.
Bringing it to fruition was possible thanks to the direct investment of all the people involved (the author, the curators, the graphic designers, the videomakers, the many associates of the third sector entities that are supporting it with their volunteer work...)

The exhibition and the book, as well as the documentary film, however, entail challenging material expenses to bear, especially if one chooses to stay outside the logic of sponsorship and public contribution.

Thus, we thought of proposing, in the idea increasingly present in the field of cultural products, of bottom-up contribution, the possibility for those who wish to be an active part of the project and share firsthand its path and results, not only through a differentiated series of support actions that provide for a progressive reward, but also by offering exclusive opportunities to those who are willing to purchase collectible prints by Lou Dematteis, or interested in participating in workshops on the theme of documentary photography and reportage, which will be organized in Rome during the four-month stay of the exhibition at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere.

Here is how you can contribute to the project

You can support the project by making a free contribution to the cultural association Errata Corrige, the leader of the consortium producing and organizing the project.
All people who contribute a donation, based on a system of MODULABLE QUOTES, will be entitled to a thank you prize for supporting the project.

It will also be possible to buy directly single digital or analog prints or the precious portfolio of five prints, certified and signed in limited edition, to be chosen from Lou Dematteis' overall repertoire, in 30x40 cm format, choosing them from those proposed on the author's website:
If you are interested, you can write to and you will be contacted to define the terms of purchase.